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Red Cross Pharmacy - WellCare Community Wellness Program
Red Cross Pharmacy - WellCare, understanding your health and wellness.
At Red Cross Pharmacy, we work with you and your doctors to help you understand your medications and your overall health.
Are you curious about your wellness numbers? Not sure what they all mean, even if you know them?
Let a Red Cross pharmacist help you understand everything from body mass index numbers to blood glucose numbers. As healthcare evolves, Red Cross Pharmacy is staying ahead of the curve with WellCare, our community wellness program.
Benefits of using WellCare:
  • Regular health screenings help detect problems before they start and assist in early detection for better treatment.
  • Convenient pharmacy hours allow pharmacists to be your most accessible healthcare professional.
  • Screenings can be combined with monthly medication pick-ups for convenient relay of medication and health information.
WellCare participants may also choose to take part in a research study conducted in collaboration with the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Pharmacy. This study will collect anonymous screening data and survey the affect wellness services have on patients’ health.
WellCare Packages:
Package 1: Height, weight, waist circumference and body mass index (BMI)
Package 2: Total lipid panel, blood glucose
Package 3: Total lipid panel, blood glucose and blood pressure
Package 4: Body fat analysis, height, weight, waist circumference and BMI
Depending on the package, some screenings will also identify cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessments. Contact your local Red Cross Pharmacy for details and schedule your wellness check-up today!
How healthy are you? Ask a Red Cross pharmacist for a comprehensive health screening.
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