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Red Cross Pharmacy - EliteCare Medication Adherence Program
Red Cross Pharmacy - EliteCare	Synchronize all your pharmacy needs.
Red Cross Pharmacy’s EliteCare is designed to simplify your life by combining all of your monthly medication refills into a single refill date. You can also sync up multiple people, such as other family members and loved ones. You’ll save time and get the full benefit of the medications you’re paying for.
EliteCare also addresses medication adherence, which is a critically important step in achieving the therapeutic outcomes set by you and your physician. Medication adherence is how well you take your medication in comparison to how your doctor prescribed it.
Talk to a pharmacist or pharmacy staff to learn more about Medication Therapy Management (MTM). It’s an opportunity to discuss the importance of adhering to your medications and the reasons you’re taking them in a one-on-one environment. Our pharmacists can often point out potential money-saving opportunities as well.
How does EliteCare work?
1. Meet
A pharmacist will meet with you and ask a few short questions, then synchronize your refills to one day each month.
2. Fill
One week prior to your monthly refill date the pharmacy will begin filling your prescriptions and notify you of any issues.
3. Verify
Your physician will be contacted regarding any questions, prior authorizations, refill requests, etc., before you run out of medication.
4. Pick up
You can choose to receive a personal phone call, text message, email, or automated call when all of your medications are ready for pick up.
EliteCare helps you stay up-to-date with all your medications on a monthly basis. This, in turn, may also reduce your overall healthcare costs through better disease management, potentially reducing hospitalizations and visits to the doctor’s office.
EliteCare is a free benefit for all Red Cross Pharmacy CareCard members.
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re taking your medications correctly.
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